Koshka Zine

Koshka is featured on the Temporary Services-curated Kickstarter page! →

I’m very pleased to announce the Koshka has been featured on the Temporary Services-curated Kickstarter page! For those who are not familiar, Temporary Services are a Chicago-based triad of awesome who create a plethora of projects, publications, exhibitions, as well as run their own publishing imprint, Half Letter Press.

My Kickstarter has sort of held steady at $170 for the past few days, so please help it make it over the $200 hump (and then the 300, the 400, and so on)! I don’t get any funds to publish Koshka #2 if my goal isn’t met so every donation helps, and you will receive excellent rewards. Not to mention printing 1,000 copies (instead of the just-over-200 that were printed of #1) and giving them away for free at my “Homesick and Hungry” exhibition will greatly increase exposure and support for this project, which I feel passionately about.

If you can’t support (which I definitely understand), re-posts definitely help as well!

Thank you!

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